About Us

Merja Media was founded in 2007 by Jake Lloyd Jones and Merryn Calear. The two met while working on The Chaser’s War on Everything at the ABC. Their combined production experience spans across TV drama, entertainment, music and factual, as well as film, TVC’sĀ and corporate productions.

MerJa Media has since grown into a collective association of creative Artists with a broad palette of skills. We produce professional video and photography at affordable rates without compromising production values.

A particular focus for MerJa Media Members is to provide heavily discounted services to Community groups, Artists and Musicians who may not be able to afford video or photography to promote their cause or work. By employing MerJa Media you can support this work without paying anything extra yourself, in fact you will probably still find us cheaper than other businesses of the same professional standard.

Current Core Members of our collective

Merryn Phebe Calear

Ingrid Dieckman

Ania Lloyd Jones

Jake Lloyd Jones

Katia Lloyd Jones

Natasha Marfutenko



MerJa Media is supported by the Addison Road Community Centre.





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