Megan Hales paints a mural of World Champion Surfer Pauline Menczer

Addison Road Community Centre crowd funding video

Teaser for #4Horses Exhibition #4Horses An Australian Apocalypse.
(Apocalypse – from the Greek word apocalupsis which means “revealing, disclosure, to take off the cover.”)

Videos for charity groups

Crowdfunding video for Sydney Fox & Dingo Rescue charity group

Corporate video, training video.

Two redheads and a blonde Hairdressing

Hanoi’s train street

Painting Martina and Nikki – Bodypainting and video for photography studio.

Showreel for Performance Artist Legs 11.11

Community Event – Wuthering Heights Day

Lingerie shoot on a rainy day in Centennial Park with Lina Kay.

Kurdish Community Event Video

Small business videos

Short films

Music Videos

Community events videos

4 HORSES | full length from 4 HORSES on Vimeo.

Fashion and special effects


Video Production