Newroz 2018

Sydney’s Kurdish Community celebrated Newroz, (the Kurdish New Year) last weekend.

MerJa Media was engaged to record the event on video, we are just editing that footage now but in the meantime you can enjoy a few photos we took of the event. For the full set of high res images please visit Flickr

The event was a huge success with hundreds of people attending, there were dance performances, bands and singers and rousing speeches all of which were loudly cheered by the audience. There was also a hard working crew in the kitchen delivering tea and snacks to the hungry crowd and of course a great deal of traditional Kurdish dancing in which everyone participated.

Despite recent painful events for the Kurdish people including the illegal invasion of Afrin by Turkey, the mood last weekend was happy and positive, The Kurdish spirit is strong and this community never allows any setback however difficult to suppress their courage and hope. These hard working, joyful and compassionate people have become a valuable part of Australia’s multicultural community.

More photos can be found here