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Sydney Fox & Dingo Rescue

Today MerJa Media offered it’s services to help the wonderful Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue charity create a crowd funding video. This involved getting licked by puppies, patting bunnies, cuddling cats, chasing dingoes and other fun activities like trying to recover a mic cover from a fox named Ghost. A dream job in other words. More news about their exciting campaign very soon!

Clare with Dingo puppies

Sharing the tunnel
Belly rub heaven
Fox Love
Jake giving direction to Winnie the fox

Himalayan Sisters: Reflexions sur un voyage

Two Australian teenagers journey to Nepal, visiting medieval cities and trekking amongst the tallest mountains in the world. Along the way they form new friendships and learn what it means to be born a female in Nepal.

This documentary is a little unusual in it’s pace and style and at 2 hours not everyone will have the patience to sit through it. Filmed in the cinéma vérité style of Louis Malle’s Phantom India (“L’Inde fantôme: Reflexions sur un voyage”) the documentary uses minimal narration and crew to take the viewer along for the journey without attempting to meet the modern television formula of quick action and constant stimulation, instead we are poetically led through the documentary as if experiencing Nepal from the eyes and minds of the two young women.

The idea is that rather than the film maker dictating to you we want the viewer to experience their own voyage and find a story that is relevant to them personally.

MerJa Media

Unrequited Art – The documentary that started it all

Street Art or Graffiti? What’s the difference? Who does it and why? Is it a menace to society or a sign of a cultured community? Focusing on street art in Sydney, Australia, Unrequited Art explores these questions by interviewing both the artists and their opponents. How do we best foster a living, breathing underground art movement in a society where money and property are considered sacred?

Original music by Ben Maddox, Sean Ballenden and Hendrik de Vries.

Produced by MerJa Media.

An Occupied Country

An Occupied Country is a 2014 documentary made by MerJa Media‘s Jake Lloyd Jones. The film follows photographer Dean Sewell as he accompanies a group of NSW farmers on a fact-finding mission. The farmers land is under threat from Coal Seam Gas mining so they travel north to see what impact the mining has had on their fellow farmers in Queensland. In the film we see the huge infrastructure projects that accompany CSG mining and hear from local people about their treatment by various mining companies. There are also interviews with the NSW farmers about their impressions.

The film is intended to be non-partisan and factual but does convey the despair felt by many people living in the gas fields. The film was made independently of any lobby group and financed entirely by MerJa Media.

Original Music by Greta Mob

Article from Central Western Daily