Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue crowdfunding campaign

Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue currently provide day-to-day care for close to 100 animals at their south west Sydney shelter, some are permanent residents¸ others are waiting to be adopted or undergoing medical care. They are the only dedicated Fox Rescue centre in Australia and one of the only Dingo Rescues.

For 6 years Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue have provided a safe haven to animals that had no-where else to turn. They have helped save the lives of over a 100 foxes, 80 dingoes, 180 cats, 50 rabbits and many other animals. They’ve helped hundreds of families find the perfect animal companion and hundreds of animals recover, heal and learn to love again.

Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue also help educate people young and old about animals and the environment and provide a voice for animals who don’t have one of their own.

Now the shelter is under threat and needs to find a new, permanent home. MerJa Media helped out by providing a free videographer and editing for their crowdfunding video.

You can help these animals find a new home by donating to their chuffed campaign and by sharing it on social media.